Saturday, January 26, 2013

More fruit trees and # 43 Paradoxes

New fruit tree
It's probably not too clear from the picture but I've been planting more fruit trees, two further Cherries and a Victoria Plum on the Allotment and a Bay tree (in a pot) at home.

As I've now got a few trees I'm planning to see how I can encourage bees to do their work - I've got a bumble bee nester box to put down on the allotment (February) but I guess there are other things I can do too?

Idea number 43 Paradox

There's a phenomenon known as  Sorite's Heap which is exemplified by such real life cases as when can a balding man be determined as bald or when drinking wee drams of scotch when do you get drunk?
The actual original comes from when several grains of salt become a heap.
Wittgenstein also had thoughts on this challenge.
A really nice discussion around this can be found in Matthew Sweet's visit to the rather excellent  Philosopher's Arms (podcast here).