Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Thomas Hardy, The Idler and Me

Hardy's home in Westbourne Park Villas
Yesterday met brother Nick at Royal Commonwealth Club and had a good lunch including the opportunity to see  the political journalist Peter Kellner  doing likewise at a nearby table. Nick was recently in Vietnam and brought a rather tasteful Tin-Tin T-shirt back as a gift for me.
As I was in town decided to make an excursion to see the Idler bookshop in Westbourne area on the way passed by Thomas Hardy House. Hardy is well known as author of Jude the Obscure and Far from the Madding Crowd amongst others. It seems very sad that we might be losing any fresh plaques as a result of the current 'Austerity' squeeze I would think Simon Burns the Tory MP and rail fares minister  using public transport could finance quite a few of these! Seems he's a  heavy smoker and doesn't mind the plebs picking up the cost of his commute.

Nice Pub The Westbourne (no relation)
Westbourne area is not one I know but had a nice pint of Adnams (in a pub) near The Idler book shop and bought a birthday card as a mark of support. The Idler is a bit in the same business as School of Life shop in Camden and to be applauded. Noticed in Ealing more than one instance of late Christmas illuminations- hope they don't cause bad luck 

Idler shop