Thursday, January 17, 2013

Trees and #37 Logical Positivism

tree feller
Bay Tree
This was the view from our kitchen window earlier today a Tree Surgeon, removing a tree - I'm sure there was a good reason for it but as far as I'm concerned there aren't enough trees. So I'm again in planting mode and have a couple more Cherry trees and a Victoria Plum to deploy at the allotment  ( waiting for the frosts to pass) and a Bay tree for the garden to look nice and supply Bay Leaves.

#37 Logical Positivism

Logical Positivism was a school of thought  that formed  in Vienna After World War One it was  centred  and had a scientific basis. The movers in the group met on Thursday evenings and included  many dedicated socialists and many with Jewish roots. The main members of the group included Moritz Schlick, along with Hahn and Neurath.
Albert Einstein was a hero of the group which focused on what could be proven by observation and the use of clear thinking.
It was opposed to religion and superstition considered too limiting in hindsight