Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Take it to the bridge (Spotify)

While I was trying to complete some drawings this afternoon, I was abducted by aliens ...
No that's not actually the case but what happened was I discovered the joys of spotify which is currently a free application (there are some paying versions for those who can't put up with the odd advert) that lets you play from a vast library of music with a minimal scattering of commercials. It had much the same effect as me leaving the planet a far as useful endeavours are concerned but at least I can share it with you dear reader.

I 'm not sure how the business model is structured having heard all the problems of pandora (not available in UK now either) I hope that it is sustainable as it seems pretty good to me.

ITV woes

talking of business models that aren't sustainable we're close to hearing the latest financial results from ITV and if they're half as bad as the rumours then some fairly tough cuts will be made. The share price has gone freefall (even more than other media stock) and stories of 'sell offs' of various parts of the business are doing the rounds but selling assets at the bottom of the market does not seem to be a good option.
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