Monday, March 09, 2009

Channel 4 - interesting times (may you live in)

That famous Chinese curse "interesting times" might be relevant to the past and present toilers at Horseferry Road.

Seems that Sky have gone on record with some questions on the governance of C4 - saying pretty much that the company has been profligate and careless with what are to all intents and purposes public funds.

Now in what could be a spooky parallel with the scandal of the politicians Jacqui Smith and Caroline Spelman do we have in Mark Thompson (the former C4 boss who now heads BBC) and Michael Grade (the former C4 boss who now heads ITV) a similar awkward situation where they can't slag each other off?

The two politicians give the impression that their problems with expenses mean that neither Labour nor Conservative can snipe at the other creating a Tory Labour standoff that owes much to a Mutually Assured Destruction scenario and the largesse they have both been extracting from the poor old Tax Payer doesn't get the airing/debate it should have in the mother of all parliaments.

Let's hope that a full disclosure of any extravagance that went on at C4 Towers is exposed, perhaps Kevin Lygo will let the cat out the bag much as he has over the acknowledgment that he's being paid too much and effectively bounced other senior Channel 4 luminaries into taking salary cuts (all be it smaller ones.
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