Saturday, March 07, 2009

Channel five continues the TV jobs cull - but where can the channel go?

While most of the press have been going on about ITV for the last week or so the company that's really having a hard time is poor little C5.

With a squeeze on commercials and audience fragmentation the most hard hit victim of the TV advertising downturn has announced job cuts that mean a quarter of its staff are going to be looking for new ways to occupy their time.

With a limited multi-channel strategy and a lack of identity there seems to be little hope in the short term for the last analogue channel to be launched in the UK, it's best bet would be for Sky to buy it from RTL (the current owners) but this is unlikely until Sky's appeal against its ITV holding is resolved.

The other alternative is for C5 to absolve itself of PSB requirements, ditch the analogue service and make a dramatic break from the past - offer a real alternative to what's on offer and see where it takes the channel.

Some ideas of what it might show here
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