Saturday, March 14, 2009

The perils of trojans and the like

Beware of Trojans etc. I went to an IET lecture this week that focused on "Information Security and the Law" it was given by that rare beast a" techie" lawyer- even rarer Dai Davis is a legal type capable of making the subject engaging.

Seems that we have a law that is able to send someone to prison for 10 years or so for fooling around with another persons phone but (perhaps) fortunately we don't have suitably equipped forces to deal with what could be severely draconian laws.

One of the persons who is to blame is Emma Nicholson who framed and introduced legislation when she was an MP (a little knowledge being a dangerous thing) the rest of the trouble (of course) is from Europe.

The US and Europe are where most of the attacks stem from- not as I thought Russia and the "emerging states" watch out for South America in the future..

Dai also explained that its worth getting onto banks regarding "phishing" attacks (those scams where bank masqueraders want you to update your details online) as they are able to pressure ISPs to take action. (Dai thought that RBS of course were one of the banks who did not take their responsibilities seriously). A good background item on the nature of the problem here.

Don't respond to spam e-mail from sources you don't know saying you wish to be removed - this merely confirms your existence.

Strangely the day after attending the lecture I got the Trojan "Hamweq A"I seems to have managed to remove the little devil but the experience shows that IT security is a subject that deserves consideration.
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