Sunday, February 22, 2009

What a great idea

Saw this story in the press the other day -The weirdest 'Beatles' band ever?

Someone or other said fairly recently that they couldn't play the Ukulele without smiling so it seems entirely appropriate that the entire Beatles oeuvre (or at least the ones they wrote) should be recreated featuring the Uke by performance philanthropists Roger Greenawalt and David Barratt -seems they're releasing a new one every Tuesday until the Olympics start 1n 2012 here's the site where you can listen and download the tracks. The performances (to my ears) so far are great fun and there are about 180 or so more to look forward to.

John, George and Paul were all keen on the instrument - with George actually attending a George Formby convention in Blackpool.

Be interested to learn more about these guys and the project, it seems like a good constructive thing to do in difficult times - e-mail me if you know something...

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