Thursday, February 05, 2009

Please note ITV,Football isn't played by robots!

Poor old ITV - they must be sick as parrots, talk about a game of two halves.

Michael Grade's streak of bad luck continued last night when the only goal of a rather boring FA cup final replay between Everton and Liverpool came during the time ITV's automation system switched to a Tic-Tac advert. Timings did not allow for a goal in injury time!

TV broadcasters over the last 10 years or so have moved to increasingly high levels of automation removing the chance of human errors and reducing the number of highly paid TV technicians, it's all well and good when the material going out is pre-packaged drama and films but actual human activity doesn't always run to the second as was demonstrated last night.

The problem is (as always) more about perception than reality but it makes ITV look like a 1st division performer and not a premier one, they need to keep the football authorities onside to make sure they're taken seriously (as of course SKY is).
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