Friday, February 27, 2009

Meida stuff


ITV has been making news by floating its' own version of 'blue sky' thinking which amounts to creating a Terrestrial Television advertising monopoly by bringing Channels Five and Four under an enlarged ITV umbrella. The idea would be that this would provide a PSB balance to the BBC but some suspicious minds have been suggesting that the story has the sole purpose of drawing attention away from the anticipated poor ITV results which'll be out soon.
AND keep an eye out for news on Channel Five's plans to minimise losses which will be coming soon to.

BBC and outside companies

I was at a recent RTS session on BBC HD service and what I saw and heard made me want to go and get a box and a great big flat screen (of course the problem seems to be as alaways getting the sound right).
What really shocked me was how much of the BBC transmission chain is now handled by outsourcing, a typical service could involve as well as BBC resources, SIS Link (doing the OB/satellite links) and Siemens (doing engineering stuff) and Red Bee (the fancy presentation stuff) , I wouldn't be too surprised if an outside auditor looking at the way the BBC is operating would suggest taking some or all of this work in house.
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