Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Death on the rock..

Gibraltar has one of the oddest airstrips I've seen - you can just about see on the photo' that there's a road that goes through it- traffic is stopped; planes land - but this is not the only odd thing about Gibraltar ..

I'm recently returned from a long w/e on the Rock of Gibraltar and it took me a few days to remember how events on this strangely British territory had shaped the TV we now watch- It's almost 21 years since the assassination of 3 IRA members was undertaken by British security forces.
Following this ITV produced a special programme ' Death on the Rock 'documenting the events - this gave Mrs T a serious attack of the vapours and probably put an end to Thames TV franchise hopes.

What a great magazine wired is...

Another thing that happened on my w/e away was I read (once again) Wired and realised despite it's terribly high UK cover price that it is a super magazine full of great articles and nicely laid out - don't know if it's worth subscribing to but as a bit of a treat once in a while I'd recommend it.
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