Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How far are we from the TV IP tipping point ?

Today I made a flying visit to the Broadcast Video Expo which as the years go by is becoming a more and more worthwhile ticket.

Few things were apparent to me..

* this show is growing and it really does have a lot of seminars.
* there are a lot of people eager to do business..

Which leads me to ponder on thoughts about how TV/broadcast will change when IPTV starts to deliver.
I reckon that there'll be seismic explosions just as soon as there is either a neat STB that allows users to stream media with ease from the web to their main domestic TV device or when Apple and/or Microsoft provide most of what we need on their home platforms in a way that a non geek can drive it.

Timewise my prediction is that this is going to start happening in a major way in less than 5 years in the UK (I expect countries with good broadband will experience sooner or are already getting there).

If you've got a view please let me know!
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