Tuesday, February 03, 2009

An end to regional non-BBC news?

One of the things that now seems to have been accepted is that regional news if not finished on ITV is going to be a far poorer offering.

OFCOM has already accepted that the sub-regions that were championed by a previous regulator are a thing of the past and talk is now of ITV sharing BBC 'footage'.

Is this a good thing is and is local news too expensive to be of benefit to regional commercial TV audiences?

Already the ITV HD via red button carries National Advertising (not the regional stuff) and if ITV could send its local advertising via other means (perhaps download to an intelligent STB for replay at the appropriate time) it could save a whole load of dosh by using less satellite capacity to deliver to freesat/SKY.

Will the new PSB package/solution that OFCOM is talking about provide a local (or at least regional) news programme?

Isn't there a whole that 'citizen journalism' can combine with local news providers (freesheets or paid for local papers) to fill?

Or could ITV news be spun off to look after national and local/regional news?
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