Wednesday, May 16, 2018

What you wish for (and more)

Come to Ealing Park Tavern -2nd June

Odd that I sometimes think back to when I did sewing (?) at Lawford Mead Junior School (Chelmsford)  with Miss Wiffen.

One of the things I used to (jokingly) talk about was a life of untold riches and the chance to indulge as I wished - in the meantime I was required to sew(?)

I suppose they were near perfect days - and the way that this is felt now to me is that little went wrong (in fact I had some illness, broke some bones and even spent some time in hospital) - but perhaps it's about problems being the province my parents were there to take care of?

There's a saying -' be careful what you wish for' - well there's also a condition which I I think is called the Eden Complex/Condition (I seem to recall Dave Stewart (of Eurythmics)  talking about it) - and we (in the developed world of the 21st Century)  are (in general) lucky people in so many ways - but we don't sometimes realise it.

As has been said  - I want to achieve immortality by not dying -Well so far so good and I'm (sometimes) content - even being listed as an 'Artist' as seen in the picture above seems like a good thing, sure things can irritate and annoy but let's keep it in proportion.

And Windows 10 updates

I've currently got a cracking Broadband service (up to about 75 Mbit/s ) Windows 10 (recent update 1) seemed to stop the Wifi working and knocked me down to about 6 Mbit/s, then along came Windows 10 and a further update and the wifi connection is working again.

All this nonsense (fairly inconsequential) reminds me of Windows installs from 20 years or so ago where a series of floppies were used and often needed to be undertaken repeatedly - now I've got a PC that can provide breathtaking video and understand (some) of what I say.


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