Wednesday, May 02, 2018

AI test social media Channel 4, Politics and more planting

Channel 4 often tries out things that it's more traditional rivals are reluctant to experiment with and it's currently not a nice little viral thing going which relies on the Alexis (and others) with it s  'The Human Test' to find the synths living among us.

In a way this is a live issue and there are some serious questions that are likely to come to the fore (not least the issue of who's responsible in the case of accidents involving driver-less cars).

Struggles for the UK Government.

Well Theresa May is not (so far) a quitter (but Amber Rudd fell on her 'sword' and immediately looked 10 years younger) - the fact that she can't direct her cabinet or rely on the Lords and is likely to suffer in the local elections tomorrow is not going to make her any 'stronger' or able to deliver the best possible Brexit - not sure where we go from here?


Out today (on CityLit walk - more on this soon) everywhere incredibly green but so much rain it's difficult to get much planted - Potatoes and Onions in and have started various seeds in trays.

Managed to plant some Beetroots, Parsley, Rocket and Swede too

it's really green at the moment 

In trays

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