Sunday, May 06, 2018

and London's SouthBank in the Sun

What could be more Yellow?

Well a side effect of looking at Photographs on Thursday was taking some more snaps myself and looking at these (and some other) photographs I see that I'm getting quite a number of pictures that have a Yellow thread (whereas I did Red a few years back).

I'm looking at the photo's I took and even when I hadn't noticed there are Yellows there - like the boat.

(oh yes this wasn't my camera)

How lucky we are with today's cameras

The Thames as a beach and the Yellow Boat.
And I saw this couple engaged (in conversation) earnestly but comfortably

The shoes and the rucksack

And a block of yellow stairs

It got louder in 1951 after the war

And more yellow here too

Hayward Signs
A revisit to the construction site

And a Small Yellow Car

Near the end of my walk I saw Skylark Gallery where  Viv Phelan is currently the featured artist, I'll be joining  Viv as part of her group at local art trail BEAT this September.

Skylark Gallery - well done Viv

The end of City TV in the UK

well one of Jeremy Hunt's big ideas when he first arrived in Government at Cabinet level was City/Local TV (or a derivative of it) - its' day didn't/hasn't really come (if it can't work in London I'd say it wasn't a starter) - The problem he's having at NHS with the latest foul up in Breast Cancer screening seems far worse - really odd that Tories didn't do even worse in Local Elections (they did badly but all parties did- low turnouts all round).

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