Saturday, May 05, 2018

Shape of Light

Having got wet on Wednesday weather in London was quite different on Thursday.

Photography partially permitted  

Decided to make a visit to the Tate Modern's exhibition I'd heard trailed on BBC Radio 4's Front Row - 'Shape of Light'.

The exhibition used various Abstract artworks as starting points to look at some photographic 'take-ons' of Abstract art - to me though (perhaps because of the use of colour) the Art works by the likes of Piet Mondrian, George Braque, Jason Pollock and Kandinsky were, for me leagues away (and ahead) of the photographs.

The exhibition did though show how Artists have evolved and  become more open to using photography.

In fact visitors were only permitted the chance to take their own pictures in the last part of the exhibition but I'm not sure that this is a bad thing.

Plenty of Photograms (or Many Rays' versions, Rayograph).

From the final room - The idea behind Stan Douglas's 'deconstruction' of the jpeg process is an interesting one

A couple of Stans 
Inversion 2015

The Japanese artist Daisuke Yokota's Inversion 2015 to me  pretty much epitomises a certain type of minimalism - but is nonetheless  rather pleasing .

What I missed until the last room was photography really getting involved in 'Colour' and I'm rather nonplussed by this - I like Colour.

So here is the Colour there... (a Rock is a River) by Swiss artist Maya Rochat .

I engaged with this more - A Rock is a River by Maya Rochat 

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