Friday, August 30, 2013

Play- Royal Wedding and NOW! TV box

So the other day I mentioned OPEN Ealing staging a play at the Pop-Up shop in west Ealing, I thought it was set for December performance it's September (next week) here's what the blurb says..

Royal Wedding is a sparky new comedy that conjures up a chance encounter between the privately-educated director of an arts centre and the more worldly owner of an erotic goods emporium next door. Specially written for OPEN Ealing by Wally Sewell, the play was inspired by the siting of OPEN’s own performance space in an empty shop next door to West Ealing’s famed Cherry Pye erotic lingerie outlet.

The Playwright
As the play opens. a hole has just appeared in the wall between the two imaginary establishments, leading to some boisterous wordplay between our two protagonists, artist Tarquin Pritchard-Smith and sex shop owner Queen Bee. This one-act performance examines issues such as class, snobbery, and the place of the artist in wider society, with some laughs and surprises along the way. Performances of Royal Wedding will take place at OPENShop 13 Drayton Green Road, W13 0NG, at the following times:
And here's the details of when it's on and the cost
Thursday 5, Friday 6 and Saturday 7 September 7.30 pm.
Matinee Saturday 7 September 3 pm.
Thursday 12, Friday 13 and Saturday 14 September 7.30 pm.
Matinee Saturday 14 September 3 pm.
Cost  £7 per person and it's not suitable for kids!

Now! TV Box

Got my NOW! TV box yesterday, comes well boxed with power supply and HDMI cable very easy to set up on Wi-Fi and now working - more as I use it..
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