Friday, August 23, 2013

Kickstart film:The Deaths of John Smith, Beatles cancelled and extended along with Idea #196 Absraction

Roger and in?

Kickstarter film project-  The Deaths of John Smith

Kickstarter looks like an exciting way to get (good) projects going with financial  backing.
I went to the same primary school as Roger Harding (Lawford Mead in Chelmsford, Essex -  Roger was a year or two above me)  and now Roger is   making a film  called ' The Deaths of John Smith. There are now only 3 days to go for his Kickstarter fund  if you want to help go here.

Good Luck Roger!


Beatles course at CityLit

Get Back

Sad to report that the Abbey Road 'A close study of the Beatles’ final studio album at CityLit that was scheduled for early August was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances at their end, CityLit handled the refund well and even gave me a £5 John Lewis voucher.
After some thought I decided to opt for the November start longer course to replace my loss it's called ' A history of the Beatles through their music' and indicates that it will look at the  most culturally significant and popular pop band in history further 'Through analysis of their music and a history of the 1960s we will see how four lads from Liverpool came to define the sound of a decade' - sounds great and a chance for ageing pop fans to get together too.


Then set them free
give them a start
Last year I was disappointed in the parsnip growing area of my life, this year I've tried again starting them in old cardboard toilet rolls  and planting these in the ground (yesterday) - fingers crossed.

Today's big Idea is Abstraction (in Art)

With the arrival of photography much soul searching was carried out in the field of representational art - one of the reactions was Abstract Art.
A pioneer in this new form of art was the Russian Kandinsky who linked his works to that of music (he was a talented musician too), like the great Dutch abstract artist Mondrian he had a spiritual view of his art and life (they were followers of theosophy) .
The Picture shown is by Kandinsky and called Unbroken Line, (1923) as the movement progressed more of the artists chose to leave works untitled so as to remove preconceptions of the viewer.
One of my favourite stories from the recent OPEN Ealing art classes is how Piet Mondrian fell out with fellow abstract artist Theo van Doesburgh over Theo using diagonals!...
Have a look at the video for some ideas on Abstract art...

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