Friday, August 16, 2013

Hands (and cables) across the water, Big Idea #189 is Romanticism

Cable on its way from London
Quite a few months ago I mentioned that I had a cable that I didn't want to throw away - well eventually like a pebble thrown in a very big pond the waves the message  hit land and I've had a request for the cable which means it wont be wasted (sounds like it'll be useful to the recipient)- so sent the cable yesterday to David Benson in Portland Oregon USA.
If anyone has information on associated software (for the ancient Sharp organisers) he'd be very interested in that too..

The Big Idea today is number 189 and is about Romanticism

As in so many movements in society the mannered Classicism provoked a reaction and the reaction was a rejection of the calm and reason to be replaced by the tortured genius-centric view that was romanticism.
Romanticism in the 18th Century saw the emergence  talents of English writers like Wordsworth and Shelley and German writers like Goethe and Schiller. At the same time Philosophers like Kant and Hegel brought new perspectives to the consideration of the mind with their philosophical idealism.
In the visual arts JMW Turner emerged as a major talent
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