Thursday, August 08, 2013

Blood Pressure checks and Idea today is Imagery (#184)

BP measuring is easy
Reasons to be cheerful - today 5 years on from my local GPs surgery asking me to attend and have my blood pressure checked I again attended (seems they like to do this on a regular basis) - good news is that I'm told that it is normal (normal is fine in this case).
Normal blood pressure for a man of my age is around 120/80 and BMI which is a measure of the ration of weight to height should be between 18.5 - 25.
We regularly check our BP at home so this was not a great surprise but nevertheless good news.

When I look around I realise I am incredibly lucky (at present anyway) particularly with respect to my health and well-being - I suppose it is a mixture of things that means I can enjoy this status but it is fleeting (as far as I know) so should try and make the most of it...

Holy Spirit denoted


Idea number 184 is Imagery

In written as well as visual media Imagery is important.
When we look at books we often see use of similes (example my lawn is like billiard table) and metaphors (I'm going to go and mow the billiard table).

Many schools of art (visual) use images as denotations - Crofton gives the example of a white dove standing in for the Holy Spirit in Medieval and Renaissance works of art. You can see this in The  Baptism of Christ
from the 1450s by  the artist, mathematician and geometer Piero della Francesca.
Shakespeare (and others in literary and visual arts) can subvert the use of imagery as in 'Shall I compare thee to a summers day? (he goes on to say she's better)
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