Thursday, January 22, 2009

OFCOM got it right? (probably not)

So OFCOM has pronounced on the future of C4 and most commentators are distinctly under impressed.
It's always worth looking at the motive of the UK press when broadcasting matters are under scrutiny but The Times' view (and Sir Chris Bland too) that the UK can really only support one PSB does have some validity.

Of course the economist has a considered view as well.

The one thing C4 and C5 have in common is that they are merely delivery agents and my personal view is that this is going to be an increasingly marginal business as proliferation of delivery takes place over the next few years, a good media company needs content and rights to assure its future.

I know it's not the time for a privatization but that or a move (towards at least) a subscription model would be another direction to look at taking C4.
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