Thursday, January 29, 2009

Get Carters Digital Britain report - can we catch up with the best

It's been a much heralded report and now we have it the overwhelming theme seems to be that the gov's thinks faster broadband is a jolly good idea and if it doesn't come along soon they might just do something about making sure it does.

The French already have what we in the UK would consider Super Broadband but this has been a policy decision backed with a will to deliver- some commentators worry that the LordCarter vision is all about protecting the big players (like the BBC) and would prefer something that will help to promote innovation and new thinking.

Worthy of note is the concern over piracy - but does it really address the issue?

I expect the fine print means that the report is worth going over with a fine tooth-comb.

The report can be found HERE. (and don't forget this is just the interim report)

You may also wish to take a look at what some of the major media are saying..

The Guardian
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