Saturday, January 31, 2009

Digital TV - Early mover (dis) Advantage

I went to an interesting RTS session earlier in the week covering the European roll out of Digital TV.
A few of the significant nuggets that were imparted by the presenters from Futuresource Consulting were:

* One UK is currently the leader with the greatest take-up of Digital TV (as a percentage).

* Two As a rule of thumb the driver in markets is the number of channels, the more channels the quicker the take up (example Australia has few extra channels and has slow take-up).

* Three Being first is not always best UK is now in a position where there's a lot of deployed MPEG 2 receivers and for the emerging bandwidth hungry High Definition this is is a distinct disadvantage- countries who have waited can now go directly to
the more efficient MPEG 4.

Other points worthy of note are the facts that TV in Germany is primarily delivered by Cable and Satellite, and that no large scale volume producers of TV sets are situated in the UK.

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