Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Did you miss me? (while I was away)

As you'll see I've been away but I'm back now and there'll be an occasional post as we motor in to 2009. Principal concerns will be the resumption of my career and passing judgment on life in general.

Webacam I've got a webcam less than £10.00 seems amazing that when I worked at ITN I was excited about getting hold of a vidicon caption camera and CCU which I hooked up in Prince's Road, West Ealing. It weighed a ton was black and white, my how technology has moved on. You might not be able to see the camera but you can see the 2" helical scanAmpex VTRs I bought from Bob Tebbut. And there's an out of focus Bob on the Moped I sold him in Prince's road playing the giddy goat ..

Anyway if you want to skype me tjbourne is what I'm down as.

IRAN resistance needs your help.
Visitors today from Iran Liberty Association
I sympathise with the cause and feel moved by their plight but note that they wanted a load of money off me and they're not even a charity so I will consider again when I'm a bit flusher. The guys told me that UK sells arm to Iran gov't which I don't think is strictly true either-still things like this are not good.
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