Tuesday, January 27, 2009

OFCOM and the future of PSB

When OFCOM was set up it was given a remit to be a light touch regulator with incentives to remain lean- I’m not sure how well it’s achieving these twin goals with so much on its collective plate.

It’s certainly been a busy time at OFCOM towers of late where they’ve been looking through their crystal balls and consulting the runes over where broadcasting is going.

Alongside the much debated future of Channel 4 the ideas coming from Ed and his team are the removal of the major programming requirements that ITV has been moaning about.

Ed of OFCOM outlining thoughts

The question is will the future (publicly sanctioned) ‘competitor’ to the BBC be a runner? Do we need further intervention in the market to make sure that the major market intervener keeps up to standard?

With such a healthy and diverse media is there such significant failure in the market? If there is can this be managed via regulation?

Hopefully there’ll be a lively debate –previously UK broadcasting changes have been made after Royal commissions and consideration- rushed legislation is not always the best!
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