Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Ealing Eateries

Pillars Restaurant
Last couple of weeks has given us the chance to experience some different dining out opportunities in the West of this great capital that we live in.
First was a chance to see what the local University (University of West London which I took some training at when it was Ealing College) was doing with  it's Hospitality and Tourism students. We actually had lunch which was slightly rushed as the students are fitting it in with their lectures. Overall a good experience where there was enthusiasm as well as a slight side dish of embarrassment (on the students part). Next time we'll go for an evening booking as parking during the day is a challenge. The restaurant is called Pillars for some odd reason and it is licensed and probably 50% cheaper than a normal commercial restaurant of similar standard.

The next review is a place that is new to Ealing (not just us) when I first arrived in Ealing there was a Maples furniture store which havinbg been Old Orleans with offices above is now a 'boutique hotel' called Xanadu (not to be confused with the film starring Olivia Newton John)  and the restaurant is  called Koobla.
Very attentive staff and a somewhat different menu (Mongolian/Malaysian sort of fusiony vibve) - pleasant and relaxing but normal price - as they say you pays your money and make your choice.