Thursday, October 25, 2012

Active Consumer

Now it might verge on the eccentric but I do like to engage with the producers of the products I consume - this doesn't always cause the consequences I anticipate but think we should all respond if we're not happy or want to even say how good something is.
Here are some of my small campaigns: (there are others but I'd hate to bore you)

1) When I got back to UK after a few years working abroad I was disappointed with Maynards Wine gums - I thought they'd lost something of their flavour - I wrote and got the reply 'we were sorry you failed to enjoy here's a voucher'.
2)  I like Kellogg's Country Store it stopped being produced and after holidaying in Moscow was surprised to find the hotel there had it - on inquiring was told it was only produced for commercial distribution - thankfully it's now reappeared in Tesco's.

and here's my latest

3) Toilet Duck disc refills - the campaigns have indicated that these are available so you don't need to throw away that applicator - SC Johnson have let me know supermarkets who are purchasing from them so far only got response from Sainsbury's who tell me their West Ealing branch will have them in November.