Friday, October 26, 2012

Connected TV and the John Lewis 5 year guarantee

Wednesday evening and I went to an RTS London presentation session  on connected TV Chaired by Julian Clover. There were some interesting insights by the panel  particularly Daniel Danker of (Great title General Manager, Programmes & On Demand at BBC)  and also Ian Mecklenburgh, Director, Consumer Platforms at VirginMedia Digital Entertainment (average sort of title).
This was the first time I had product life cycle described as the length of John Lewis guarantee, this goes some way in describing the audience there and I fear is a term that I'll hear more than once in the future.
 The Shop mentioned
Again  the big factors described were the refuseniks who buy a TV and don't connect to the Internet, the (future) death of linear  and the disappointment that Samsung etc. are feeling as a result of people who fail to see them  as content aggregators.
 Are we going to see the average domestic big screen TV full of 'Apps' Ian said no and described is enjoyment at shaking big screens when directed !
So will we continue along the tablet journey? - seems so from the collected industry wisdom.