Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ipad 2 to Blackberry Playbook

DAB Radio
Having left Discovery earlier this month I was touched to receive, as a going away present  a nice new DAB radio and also a year's membership of the RHS.The downside was the loss of my work Ipad2 which I'd used mainly for BBC radio listening on BBC iplayer- the search was therefore on for a competitively priced equivalent. With the launch of Kindle fire and the new smaller mini-ipad (not to mention the Samsungs and the new Microsoft  surface devices)  there was a lot to choose from perhaps surprisingly I opted for the 64GB version of the Blackberry Playbook which so far I'm very happy with. The purchase (from Curry's PC world) was £129 and as advertised worked from the box. My requirements probably not too demanding but e-mail, web, BBC iPlayer and The Economist magazine all seem good in a very compact light unit- need to get the connector which will allow me to show youtube videos etc on HD screen.