Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Allotment project (It's a Salford thing)

At the weekend Vanessa Short came down to visit my site she's working on a project about those with allotments here's the piece she did about me.
A feature of the London Skyline
In other news I met up with Ex-Euronews buddies Shaun 'restless' Sullivan and John 'The Voice' Boham-Cook in the shadow of London's Gherkin (not grown one of these yet). All is well with them and we send a shout oiut to Andy on reaching the age of half a hundred - well done Andy!
In other gardening news I've picked several courgettes (some more like marrows) a cucumber and some TomatoBerries. Courgettes boiled and also baked with rice and lardon stuffing.