Tuesday, August 07, 2012

compost no.2 ( I don't need this pressure on)

This weekend I delivered a fair amount of the source material for compost No.2  -plan is to have two big pallets on the go one maturing while the other is being added to. Sunday  we had a roast meal with home grown potatoes, beans and roast courgette.

 As London gets hit by Olympics fever I took the opportunity to see the Super Hi Def demo that the BBC was showing in co-operation with Japanese State broadcaster NHK. The quality was quite something- like looking out of a windo, 16 times the quality of high def we were told and the spec calls for 22 channels of audio it was quite something to behold.
I have started reading How to change the world (quite a title)  if you get the chance take a look it's good.