Sunday, July 08, 2012

Turnips, Chic and Zeebox

Although I have delayed mentioning it I was quite impressed with a presentation I attended by Anthony Rose - he comes over as a geekier South African version of Ed Byrne and although importance of 'Social' media might be overstated he knows what he's talking about. I wonder what Facebook will do in this area?

Summer has been pretty awful but we're counting ourselves lucky to have attended a Kew the music concert (Wednesday's) and not got wet - Chic and M People both put on good sets - when you realise what Nile Rogers has done you can't help but be blown away -worked with Bowie, Diana Ross and Sister Sledge as well as Madonna. great tunes and fantastic guitar style.

I've been weeding on the allotment when the weather has let me also working on adding one of those little plastic greenhouses. The crops I've been harvesting include baby beetroots, lettuces and turnips - we had turnip soup today.