Monday, July 02, 2012

Rich Pickings

No this isn't all about George Osborne or Bob Diamond but about the start of payback from the ground.
I've had  quite a few Broad beans and as well as sharing them I've had a nice  Soup and a good Risotto (all gone now)
At the weekend we had some fresh peas and today I've had lettuce and beetroot (for my lunch).
I pulled up a couple of turnips too.
A recent addition is a further olive tree and I've re potted the first one (which was struggling) other trees all doing fine and a Lime tree on the way I hope.

I've added netting over cabbages that the pigeons have taken a fancy too and might have to do the same for the cauliflowers.
On the subject of Barclay's it's kind of strange that Bob has offered to waive his bonus - does this option get offered to to so called 'benefit cheats'?
Nice to see a good piece of drama on BBC1 this evening which asks some good questions of the viewer -Blackout looks worth keeping an eye out for parts 2 and 3