Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's, Tomatoberry and peppers

This week was of course Valentine's and we went to the Orangery at Kew Gardens - sadly it was a little scaled back from previous years, which although more costly offered (I think) better value - perhaps it's the austerity times? I think the new catering management company has a differnt outlook.

Saturday I did a little preparation work on the allotment before the rain started to fall and also planted (in a pot) a Peach tree.

As you can see below the Tomatoberry has germinated and been transplanted (9 off) into individual pots. I have started Green and Red Peppers in another propogating tray. Celeriac seeds are coming up (again in a propogating tray) and there is already germination of Cauliflowers.
Snowdrops in the garden (on the right).

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