Sunday, February 12, 2012

Neighbourhood Watch - Lemon and Olives

Yesterday Debbie and I went to Richmond theatre and enjoyed the Alan Ayckbourn play Neighbourhood Watch - quite an interesting theme and a good cast not too sure of the message .
But certainly covering some issues around net curtain twitching -Francis Grey as Amy stood out.
Snow down on the allotment and ground solid so only able to put up shelves in shed and gather some more rubbish.

On arrival I noticed (not surprising that I noticed!) that one of the window panes had fallen out - not intruders and was able to put it back in- seems it was just gravity and the cold that drove it out.
Below you can see the Lemon tree (left) and Olive tree planted last week.

Have now started some Artichokes (green globe improved) and cauliflower (all year round) in seed trays in the house.
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