Sunday, February 05, 2012

Snow and ambition

This weekend I might have overstretched myself.
The weather was cold and ground very hard on the allotment but I planted an olive tree and in a planter a lemon tree.
I also purchased asparagus (3 off) and Strawberries (6 off) and have planted these in pots and put them in lean to greenhouse in hope that in a few weeks time I'll be able to plant them out.

I have also got three lots of seeds started in propogator, Tomatoberry, Celeriac (Monarch) and Aubergine (Baby Roseanne F1). Germination is said to be 7 to 10 days so will keep an eye on these too. In the picure you can also see chillies that are growing indoors.

And more on ambition - the news that Chris Huhne is facing prosecution over irregularities concerning a speeding offence of almost 10 years ago (when he was an MEP) has given the coalition government some problems keeping the 'balance' - must be a real concern as the Lib Dems do not have an unlimited supply of potential ministers and as they reach the back of the drawer who's to say that what they bring out will be up to the job or without skeletons?

Also very excited to be able to provide a link to a truly remarkable piece of work by Dr John Jirik putting on record some first hand knowledge he gained in Moscow when Gorbachev was facing a coup in 1991.
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