Saturday, February 11, 2012

Daytime TV (live)

I went to an interesting Royal Television Society session on Thursday night.
Learnt quite a bit from the team who work on Live with Gabby (C5) - the programme is produced by Princess productions.

For me TV is nothing if it's not live (actually I don't mrean that but I do reckon that content is merely that if it is not live orat least first run).

Some of the points I got were.

+ The Daytime budgets (and audiences) are small (by peaktime standards)
+ Women outnumber men by about 2 to 1
+ Over 55s are the biggest demograhic section of the audience.

I've not seen the programme but it appears that Matthew Wright who does a programme before Gabby on the same channel shares the studio and there is not even a commercial break between the two programmes!

The other thing that was revealed was how important 'Social Media' is be it Facebook or Twitter for feedback during the show - or how it can inform production and editorial.
Zeebox was mentioned (of course) here I am a little sceptical - I don't neccesarily believe loads of over 55s are already second screen viewers.
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