Sunday, January 03, 2010

Welcome to 2010

So to anyone chancing on this blog I would like to take this opportunity of wishing them and theirs a happy new year.

Three things that will be of particular interest this year.

1. There will be UK elections and a new government formed this is like to be a Conservative led administration and although this would not be my choice; for the sake or semblance of democracy it is necessary for power to change hands (or appear to) once in a while.

What is going to be historic in this election is the fact that the two main party leaders and Nick Clegg will have a TV forum to debate their vision - will this inform voters or change the outcome, time will tell? Much as TV in the House of Commons is now accepted I think such debates will become part of the firmament of our election process in the UK its so hard to get the genie back in the bottle!

2. The party that wins power will have the chance to reshape UK broadcasting - if the Tories win an overall majority SKY remains fairly safe to efforts to constrain it, this being an likely through the lessening of the power (or reform) of OFCOM, if the election is less clear cut there could be further restraints placed on SKY - soon the SKY appeal with respect to its ITV shareholding will release its judgment. So ITV and C4 will (secretly) be hoping that the Tories win is not too overwhelming- perhaps.

3. The UK economy will be 're-balanced' - over the last 10 years the UK experienced a period of unprecedented growth, this is over and the 'real' economy is expected to take up the load as tax revenues drop and the public service sector shrinks this will be both painful and have a revolutionary impact on our society, how this is handled will be key to the protection of those who are sadly within the most vulnerable groups.
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