Sunday, January 17, 2010

BBC iPlayer arrives on Freesat viewers screens (some anyway)

I was interested to learn this week that Beta trials have started on delivery of iPlayer content to Freesat boxes (so far only the Humax variety).
Now it seems that this is really just about using the IP connection specified for Freesat boxes - but it is significant as it means free delivery of the sort of 'value add' that's only available through BT or Virgin at the moment.

Now it seems to me that this is the sort of news that leads me to believe we're close to the start of the next wave of change in how we (in the UK) consume our TV once viewers can easily tap into the world of video on the web TV will never be the same - the question is around how long it takes for it become critical.

Not all the world's TV markets are at the same state of maturity and Britain could put a claim in as the leader in terms of choice and technology.

Any way I've ordered my Homeplug adaptors and will be ready for trialling when the application becomes available on the Panasonic integrated Freesat TVs.

(it seems ITV won't be far behind either even if it's all running a bit behind schedule!)
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