Sunday, January 31, 2010

New TV Boss creates early controversy


Adam Cozier has had a high profile career to date with FA and Royal Mail leadership catapaulting him into the news.
Like so many in the media firmament he's from an advertising background and knows the value of a brand, he's also got the inside track on UK soccer which can only help.
Not sure if he'll carry through the plan to make some ITV channels pay fayre
Many in the public consider he's not the guy for the job but perhaps it's a little early to say and perhaps he's really there to oversee its sale or split into two?

VoLAV seeking new Chairman.

The public service broadcasting lobby group VLV (Voice of the Listener and Viewer) is looking for a new chairman as Richard Lindley stands down, it's a role that needs the right person young enough to keep up with a challenging schedule but beyond the ambitions that many in the broadcast world harbour into their dotage - be great to see someone suitable installed quickly.

Fools and Horses keeps its West London Links
Although set in Peckham only Fools and Horses much of its filming was done inn and around Ealing, with Acton supplying the Nelson Mandela flats the recent prequel Rock and Chips Chiswick Town hall had a cameo role as Peckham town hall and filled the role admirably.
There's a load of Fools and Horses locations at this flickr site. It doesn't include the Ealing restaurant ' Noughts and Crosses (now sadly closed) that I remember discussing with the patron some time after he'd seen the programme on a airplane journey though.
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