Sunday, January 10, 2010

Educating Archie - the ITV recovery?

There have been some positive things coming out of ITV of late - and the arrival of new broom Archie Norman as ITV chairman may yet herald a fight back.

Some of the things being spoken about could be good news but Archie is not a television man and surrounding himself with similarly minded bean counters does not answer all the structural problems ITV has.

Size - ITV is not big enough to have the momentum it needs to continue to create big scale entertainment and drama

Pay Platform - with ITV and its advertising paymasters it's been feast or famine of late the danger is that another feast could arrive before it addresses the issue of creating another viable revenue stream, it may alienate some of its older viewers but top notch programmes cost and some of its viewers could be lost without damaging the business.

Pension - ITV like so many UK businesses has a pension black hole - to attract partners/suitors its gong to have to deal with it.

and Brand..

Now once I've sorted it out I'm gong to add a broadcast brand page which will include links to my two Masters Dissertations (yes I've done two) which are around this theme - so you can see that branding is a subject close to my heart (as far as broadcasting goes) - in short without a brand proposition all broadcasters have is negotiated set of rights around some content. But and as J-Lo would say it's a big butt - the brand proposition needs a solid grounding and customers who buy into it. Even the best snake-oil salesman needs snake oil - ITV needs to provide a smorgasbord of telly, which is the dogs B*****s and as well as content that's the deal where the company gets out and shows it cares- so this is where Archie needs to deliver (he's a leader and a people person I've heard it said) - we'll see in a year's time.
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