Wednesday, November 08, 2017

The Photographers Polaroids (not a great technology) and back to Jaspers

At The Photographers' Gallery again

Not everything can be good

It's some time since I've visited the Photographers Gallery and as they've got new exhibitions thought it was worth checking out - in truth a little disappointed -  Wim Wenders (Instant Stories) was a reminder for me how bad Polaroids were as a format and the trouble that had gone into displaying, mounting and framing made me think of  'polishing a turd' - I think better work could have been on show in this space.

Interesting from a sociological aspect 

Well staged but not sure about the quality

Likewise I felt that '4 Saints in 3 Acts' was interesting as history but not necessarily great photographs and was a bit surprised that Lee Miller was part of it. 

More RA

So as well as seeing Matisse I took another look at Jasper John's retrospective it really is pretty amazing - work stretches over his whole career and it's clear that his work is distinctive, has a style of its own but also experimental and challenging with some intellectual rigour.

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