Monday, November 13, 2017

James Tissot at Tate Britain and Leeds City Exhibitions

So this w/e first visit to Leeds and it's a nice city (more about it in the next few days).

Not only in Leeds

What was slightly surprising was that last Friday I visited Impressionists in London exhibition at Tate Britain - it's on until 7th May so a good chance I'll visit again - perhaps with a friend.
Tissot in London

The exhibition is around exiles who worked and lived in London between 1870 and 1904 when conflict in Europe between France and Prussia led to instability and the Paris Commune artists who moved to London included Pissaro (who stayed in Kew)

The artist who's work  I was really impressed with  was that of James Tissot, I'd not heard of him before  and strangely I saw another example of his work at the recently refurbished  Leeds City Art Gallery - I was able to take a photo of it (below) but the photography was not possible at Tate exhibition.

Tissot was not strictly speaking an impressionist like Monet  but was working in a similar manner.

The Bridesmaid (1883) by James Tissot
Tissot brought a French sensibility to his composition - often implying relationships that were controversial for British Art fans (two women and a man were regularly shown with a sense of tension between the characters) .

Two of the the works that stood out for me at Tate Britain by Tissot were The Ball on Shipboard (1876) and 'On the Thames' 
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