Saturday, July 14, 2007

BBC TV shows too little respect for its 'Brand'?

So a further row has blown up at the BBC, hot on the heels of the Blue Peter call scandal where a youngster who happened to be on site was falsely awarded the label of ‘winner’ to overcome a technical problem. This problem which seems to be far bigger was over a pre season presentation to the press where a screening showed highlights from the autumn season, the clip from an upcoming behind the scenes Royal documentary (we need another one?) that ignited such controversy had been edited to show the Queen looking unhappy after a photo session (as opposed to in truth what should have been her being unhappy before it).

So does this relate to Participation TV?

I think it does, the row is about misleading the viewer, the BBC is in danger of further diminishing its brand by cheapening it in such a way, would Disney do something as stupid? (I think not, look at this by the company’s Richard Iger 2004 address to the Royal Television Society).

Michael Grade might be showing his competitive streak in highlighting the fiasco, although he’s taken some action on ITV Play, it might be considered too little and too late. Grade though does have clear financial imperatives which partially excuse his behaviour – the BBC doesn’t and I think (personally) a head should roll (perhaps Mr Fincham?) and procedures around bought in content need to be examined.

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