Friday, July 20, 2007

BBC Trust (versus ITV trust)

So the controversy at the BBC is reaching new heights with some commentators holding Mark Thompson responsible, it’s the first real mettle test of the man and he seems to be acting decisively but should he have known about this before and if he did what's he been thinking? Here's the e-mail Mark sent out to the BBC staff

Not only is it a test for DG Mark it’s also a test for the ‘trust’ which is what it’s all about. How is Sir Michael Lyons (right) handling it – would Michael Grade have done better ? The 'fact' that the Police could be involved mean that this could be even more serious than it currently looks

Now the question I would like to pose is how do we expect the broadcasters to behave?
Should the BBC be held to a higher standard than the other PSBs (public service broadcasters)?

Is it any worse for the viewers to be cheated if the money is going to charity?

What are expectations in terms of programming - i.e. should news reports be the gold standard, how much do we consider the documentaries we see to be objective?

And above these where is TV just entertainment rather than reportage?

With 100’s of TV channels how can we police ‘truth’ is the answer to educate viewers to interpret actively and question, if so does this implicitly affect the governments favoured PSB channels?

If you’ve got a view please let me know also let me know if you want to make part in a survey on Participation TV.
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