Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas in Trinidad

I had Christmas in Trinidad, it’s an interesting place here are ten or so Trini facts

1, Columbus went there and claimed it for Spain in 1498.
2. Crime is a big problem particularly kidnap and ransom of businesses people
3. Trinidad and Tobago society is defined to a large extent by race
4. Trinidad has a warm climate with wet and dry seasons.
5. Politics in Trinidad is considered by many as corrupt with a former prime minister serving time in prison
6. Trinidadians socialise in bars known as rum shops.
7. Trinidad is rich in natural resources and has a population around 1 million.
8. Trinidadians love to eat and have a very special Christmas cake.
9. Trinidad roads are crowded and poorly maintained a rail system is proposed
10. Sport is a love of Trinidadians with fine cricketers and a Soccer team that brought credit to their country in 2006’s world cup.
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