Monday, December 18, 2006

bah humbug etc..

So Christmas is almost here and some thoughts on how busy the shops are (or aren’t) On Saturday we went into the heart of London’s fashionable west end to visit the theatre (see below) on the way in we accidentally met up with a former colleague who was going to Liberty’s with his wife to do some shopping (not really last minute).
Now I was under the impression that Christmas was a damp squib this year and whatever shopping was being done was at Amazon or e-bay so I assured them it’d be a breeze- well imagine my consternation on emerging from the theatre and after suggesting a walk down Regent Street finding solid gridlock on the pavement. What seems to have happened is that the high streets now denuded of quality shops are deserted and destination retail outlets (Brent Cross, BlueWater etc. and Regent's Street/Oxford Street) have gone Crazy -Sorry David and Virginia
We went to see the stage show of Cabaret on Saturday and it was a much darker piece than the 70’s film –very clever set generally a good show. We were up in the dress circle and generally we go for the stalls but these were all sold out – perhaps a bit of a shame as there was some gratuitous nudity not a problem for me particularly but there was a bit of an intake of breath when the  first unclad member (- of the cast ) appeared in the buff.
Christmas (W)rapping
Why is it that you can no longer buy a little bag with half a dozen or so sheets of Christmas paper and a similar number of tags – paper now comes on rolls which I find a real pain (bah humbug)?
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