Saturday, December 09, 2006

Bond movie

We went to see the latest portrayal of James Bond where Daniel Craig plays a somewhat brutal 007 in the re-make of Casino Royale, the original Ian Fleming licence to kill story.
Perhaps because of the times the film is less a celebration of technology there’s no Q gimmickry and a lid is kept on the excessive humour.
It occurs to me that much as the Mars bar (or perhaps the big Mac) has become a measure of the economy so Bond films have become a reflection of the world’s security concerns from a UK perspective.
The first Bond films showed a confidence, although Britain was not what it had been it still demanded respect (Connery) when Great Britain was considered a basket case the irony was there in spades (Moore) now we’re significant again but it doesn’t necessarily feel too good.
Away from this high faulting consideration commerce is as ever part of the franchise and the Product Placement is a joy to behold- how can we shoehorn Ford into the deal- give Bond a Ford hire car – Sony too must have paid well for their on screen checks.
Despite the prolonged advertising it’s a good (Great in places) film, well shot and with a pace that hardly let’s up.
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