Sunday, November 05, 2006

Tube stuff and more

So looking for info on Sunday service found this site
What a great photo, anyway the plan was to visit some sort of Christmas fayre at Olympia, I'm probably getting worse as I can't fully understand why you should pay for the chance to buy things as you do here.
I'm also puzzled why the boss of the tube gets so much pay when he seems to be unable to organise a train to go from earls court to Olympia, if he had performance related pay he'd be paying us!
Having said that he has marginally more credibility than his lunatic boss Ken Livingstone who not only indulges in behaviour that discredits his office but considers lying on job applications to be okay, how anyone could vote for hinm puzzles me (as does his return to the Labour party).

On a more positive note, Fireworks at EALING cricket club last night were fantastic a real pleasure and good atmosphere.
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